We transform classic art into “new” digital art. Limits? We do not know.

Together we merge artistic boundaries while expanding horizons and continually redefining the barriers of possibility.

We rethink art

We rethink art

At NEW ART HORIZON we are more than just a  company – we are a community of creative thinkers, innovators and art lovers.

Our passion for art, technology and innovation drives us to constantly explore new horizons and shape the world of art in exciting and groundbreaking ways. We are a diverse team of experts from different fields who have come together to overcome art boundaries and bring works of art into the digital future.

With NEW ART HORIZON we are not just a name, but a promise to experience and create art in new and fascinating ways.

Welcome to our world. A world in which we rethink art and continually expand horizons.

Our vision is the cooperative coexistence and coexistence of digital or AI art with NFTs and contemporary art i.e. A. For us, the be-all and end-all of collaboration is a solidarity-based and reliable environment.

We see our mission 

  • in a holistic support of our joint projects,
  • in our critical approach, which is always focused on you
  • in coordinated and strategic planning up to the sale
  • Stand by with competent advice even after the projects have been completed, so that you can present your works of art on the market and position them globally with a strengthened sense of purpose

Our comprehensive  knowledge is central to our recipe for success

  • of the international art and NFT market,
  • in the economic marketing of NFTs and digital/AI art
  • in marketing strategic positioning,
  • as well as our internal technological know-how with our own AI programs, our own blockchain and Ethereum nodes on a renewable basis and minimizing CO₂
Creed von NEW ART HORIZON aus Köln – Beratung, Erstellung, Betreuung und Vertrieb von NFTs & Digital-Art

Especially in a dynamic  digital age in which the landscape is constantly evolving through innovations such as NFTs, AI and digital art, a stable and reliable environment remains essential for our success.


Our approach is based on transparent communication, integrity and an unwavering belief in collaborative synergies. Our core values ​​– innovation, creativity, sustainability and social responsibility – are not only the pillars of our activities, but also shape every strategic decision and every approach in our company.

NEW ART HORIZON was  founded in 2023 by us, Dr. Dr. Marcel Baumgärtler and Benjamin Patzelt founded. The turbulent times of the Corona pandemic inspired us to combine our competencies and establish a service that is unique to date in Germany.

But we are not alone: ​​our team, consisting of passionate experts, contributes significantly to our success. Everyone brings their knowledge and dedication to our projects, and together we shape NEW ART HORIZON into what it is today.

Dr. Dr. Marcel Baumgärtler, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von NEW ART HORIZON

Dr. Dr. Marcel Baumgärtler

Managing Partner

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Benjamin Patzelt, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von NEW ART HORIZON

Benjamin Patzelt

Managing Partner

> More about Ben

Moritz Dunkel, Head of Marketing von NEW ART HORIZON

Moritz Dunkel

Head of Marketing

> More about Moritz

Oliver Renner, Technical Lead NFT/AI von NEW ART HORIZON

Oliver Renner

Technical Lead NFT/AI

> More about Oliver

Jana Linsenboll, Sr. Account Managerin: FinTech / DeFi / e-Commerce & Localisation von NEW ART HORIZON

Jane Linsenboll

Sr. Account Manager: FinTech / DeFi / e-Commerce & Localization

> More about Jane

Bernd Lehnert

Senior Manager NFT Photography

> More about Bernd

Ferhat Dogru, International Distribution Lead von NEW ART HORIZON

Ferhat Dogru

International Distribution Lead

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Creed, Stimmungsmanager von NEW ART HORIZON, Beratung für NFT und Digital Art aus Köln


Mood manager

> More about Creed

Our name “NEW ART  HORIZON” is more than just a name – it is an expression of our vision, our commitment to innovation and our deep passion for art. NEW ART HORIZON embodies our passion for art, innovation and the connection of different art forms. It is an invitation to join us on a journey as we redefine art, expand horizons and shape a new era of creative expression.

NFT Beratung aus Köln für Unternehmen, Künstler und Galerien

The fresh wind of innovation

NEW stands for novelty,  freshness and innovation. It symbolizes the constant flow of new ideas and concepts that we bring to the art world. We strive to offer fresh perspectives and push creative boundaries. Our mission is to expand the horizons of art and to continually find new ways to enrich the art world.

NFT Beratung aus Köln für Künstler, Unternehmen und Galerien

The bridge between digital and haptics

ART is the heart of our name  and represents art in all its forms and facets. From digital art, which is like an exciting adventure in the virtual world, to haptic art, which we can touch and feel, like a precious artifact – we combine different art forms into a total work of art.

NFT Beratung aus Köln für Galerien, Künstler und Unternehmen

Pushing the boundaries of art

HORIZON symbolizes the  horizon that we want to continue to push and expand. Similar to artists who do not allow themselves to be limited by their canvas, but rather think boldly beyond the edges, we want to transcend the barriers of art. We believe that art has no fixed limitations but can constantly reinvent itself.

At NEW ART HORIZON we offer a comprehensive range of services. From advice to conversion to support. We work closely with a large number of partners who support us. And in doing sowe open doors together to a world in which technology and art go hand in hand. But first and foremost, we are here to inspire, support and accompany you. Whether you are new to the world of art or already have experience, we are ready to explore new horizons with you.

Partner von NEW ART HORIZON – NFT Beratung für Unternehmen, Künstler und Galerien