Motorsport NFTs for the
automotive industry

Exclusive NFTs with our network partner, racing driver Jan Philipp Springob.

NFTs for the automotive industry

NFTs for the automotive industry

Get started now  with our exclusive automotive NFTs for your company / brand

We at New Art Horizon, together with racing driver Jan Phillip Springob, are the melting pot of passion for motorsports and avant-garde NFT innovation in the automotive industry!

Here, where the smell of burning rubber meets creative brilliance and the digital race track becomes a playing field for visionary companies, we are opening the gates to a new era of driving pleasure.

But for us it’s not just about fast cars and clever maneuvers; it’s about the art of speed, the fusion of high-tech and adrenaline.

We are more than just a company – we are architects of a digital racing culture that makes the heart of the automotive industry beat faster.

With us, motorsport meets NFT innovation!

We at New Art Horizon  stand for innovative NFT solutions – also in the world of motorsports! Our company offers comprehensive advice, professional implementation and effective conversion of NFTs, specifically tailored to the needs of the automotive industry.

In collaboration with the renowned racing driver Jan Philipp Springob and his security team, we present exclusive services that will take your enthusiasm for motorsport to a new level.

Jan Philipp Springob, successful touring car racing driver, two-time German kart champion in 2017 and 2018 and GT4 runner-up in 2023, is the focus of our offers for the automotive industry.

As a sponsored pilot for the ADAC Sports Foundation, he not only brings his racing successes but also his specialist knowledge to our NFT services.

Our services

Exclusive ADAC safety training

Show that security is your top priority and strengthen trust in your company or your brand. Customers who value exclusive events and security are more likely to choose you and your company or brand.

Street training with Jan Philipp Springob

Road training with Jan combines driving fun and driving technique and makes your company or brand a synonym for outstanding driving skills. Customers who experience the dynamism of your company become enthusiastic brand ambassadors, which increases sales.

Action events at the Hockenheimring

Action events create an emotional bond and show that you are a pioneer when it comes to driving experiences. Potential customers who associate positive emotions with your brand tend to choose your vehicles.

Exclusive training with Jan Phillip Springob

Exclusive training with a racing driver gives your brand exclusivity and strengthens your image. Customers who value individual driving experiences identify more strongly with your brand and are more willing to buy.

VIP tickets to the races

VIP cards offer your customers an exclusive experience and make your brand a symbol of first-class motorsport enthusiasm. Loyalty increases when customers value exclusive experiences. This leads to a sustainable increase in sales.

Motorsports and NFTs

Why we are exactly the right partner for you?

    • Industry-specific know-how: Our NFT experts understand the automotive industry and develop individual solutions that strengthen your brand image and promote sales.

    • Strong partnership with Jan Philipp Springob Working with Jan gives your events a unique touch and creates a lasting bond between your brand and your customers.

    • Innovative events for team building Our events not only promote team spirit, but also turn your employees into committed brand ambassadors who authentically represent your values.

    • Digital transformation in focus NFTs are the future of motorsports and the automotive industry. Together we will shape the path to the digital future and secure your brand in the long term.

    Enrich your brand, increase sales and gain loyal customers – with New Art Horizon you are on the fast lane to automotive success!

Step 1: We get to know each other

In the initial consultation we clarify the requirements of your project in detail. This includes your exact wishes, the time frame, the number of units required, the target group and the market segment. We discuss the budget, possible follow-up planning and the involvement of our team. This guarantees that all aspects of the project are clearly defined from the start.

Step 2: The project begins 

When all details have been agreed upon and clarified to mutual satisfaction, the magical part begins: the implementation phase. In this phase, we seamlessly combine our professional advice with the transformation of your individual works of art into marketable products.

Our implementation and support pulsates in the rhythm of agile management. With every week, with every report and every update, we feel the project taking shape, growing and developing. We are constantly on the move, always ready to adapt to new circumstances and integrate fresh, creative ideas. When it comes to lean management and environmental ecology, we consciously rely on server locations in Germany and are committed to sustainability. This includes, among other things, the use of CO₂-reducing processes and the use of Ethereum nodes that are based exclusively on renewable energies.

When it comes to distributing and communicating your artwork, we open the gates to our global Web3 distribution network, which has the pulse of the art world with its hubs in Dubai and Florida. But that is only part of what we offer. With us you will immerse yourself in a network that ranges from renowned companies and glamorous art galleries to patrons and modern Web 2 platforms. It’s a world full of possibilities and we look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Step 3: The project completion 

For us, the completion of a project is not just a formal step, but an emotional high point that reflects the result of hard work, passion and dedication. Every project we complete is a testament to our deep commitment to our customers.

When it comes time for the handover protocol, we can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. This moment not only serves as an official confirmation that all the criteria set out in the project sheet have been met, but also as a sign of our shared journey to success.

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