Moritz Dunkel, Head of Marketing von NEW ART HORIZON

Moritz Dunkel

Head of Marketing 

“Even back then I was fascinated by art. There was nothing that I didn’t “beautify.” The wallpaper in the children’s room also succumbed to this urge. My parents were not amused, but let me have my way – as we all know, parental love makes you blind. My passion continued at school: while others flocked to recess, I worked on the blackboard. In middle school, I found myself swarmed by classmates who demanded graphic acts of love from me or shamelessly exploited me: from the cover design of their mixtapes to the layout of the high school graduation newspaper. At night the graffiti continued, which once ended with a visit to the Cologne police station. After school I decided to study graphic design. There I realized that it wasn’t just the art that drew me, but also the interaction of ideas and their implementation. This interest eventually led me to the world of marketing.

At NEW ART HORIZON I now combine both worlds. Here I not only found my professional anchor, but also lost my heart. As the person responsible for marketing and a key part of the company, I bring my passion, creativity and strategy together every day. Every brush stroke of my childhood, every scribbled sketch, they all led me here. With every innovative strategy that I develop and implement, a piece of my soul flows into it. I feel the pulse of the times, observe trends and developments with a keen eye and a burning heart. I see Web 3.0 not just as a technological development, but as a revolution that opens up countless opportunities for artists, gallery owners and companies. Looking to the future, I feel an exciting mix of anticipation and determination because I am firmly convinced that the most exciting chapters of my journey are still ahead of me.”