Jana Linsenboll, Sr. Account Managerin: FinTech / DeFi / e-Commerce & Localisation von NEW ART HORIZON

Jane Linsenboll

Sr. Account Manager: FinTech / DeFi / e-Commerce & Localization 

“After studying languages ​​(Russian, English, Spanish), I decided early on to combine my flair for sales, my passion for localizing languages ​​and my enthusiasm for IT infrastructures.

In my more than 20 years of experience as head of localization, key account manager eSales as well as my owner/investor-managed activities, I have been able to gain comprehensive international knowledge in more than 20 different countries in the areas of start-up development in BaFin-licensed e-business as well Acquiring (trans)localization of novel e-products. I am your contact person for all topics relating to FinTech and Defi solutions (from private individual customers to companies).

I am also responsible for the entire sale and handling of the payment process (fiat currency / cryptocurrency) as well as for the perfectly localized placement and distribution of your product.”