NFT advice for Artist / Galleries Pursue Film industry

NFT advice for Artist Galleries Pursue
Film industry

Advice, creation and distribution of NFTs.

We are your control center for the creation, marketing and organization of your works of art. Whether you are a company or an artist/gallery owner or someone from the film industry – we will bring you forward.

Your guide to a new era of art

Your guide to a new era of art

Immerse yourself in a world of limitless creativity and groundbreaking innovation. We at NEW ART HORIZON combine art, technology and vision to create an inspiring journey for you as an artist, gallery, company or film industry to create.

Our name is more than just a title – it embodies our mission to open up new horizons for art. From advice to conversion to support and brokerage of NFTs, AI & Digital Artwe are your trustworthy companion on this exciting path. We understand the dynamics of the digital age and use them to present and communicate art.

No matter whether you are an aspiring artist, represent a renowned gallery or work in the film industry or a company – at NEW ART HORIZON you will find tailor-made solutions to turn your visions into reality. Our expertise and passion make your art shine and enable you to develop in a world of possibilities.

Step into the future of art with NEW ART HORIZON – where tradition meets technology and your creative dreams become endless possibilities.

NFT solutions for artists / galleries,
Companies and film industry

NFT Beratung für Künstler und Galerien

For artists and galleries

  • Advice and implementation of digital art, AI and NFTs
  • Technical realization of haptic art and performances with 3D & AI
  • Integrating mathematical algorithms into blockchain NFTs
  • Support, mediation and optional sales via our Web3 network
NFT Beratung für Unternehmen

For companies

  • Advice on all questions regarding NFT licensing with technical implementation
  • NFT logistics
  • NFTs as a trademark, marketing and PR tool, event incentives
  • Worldwide Web3 Distribution
  • Target group expansion via NFTs
NFT Beratung für die Filmindustrie

For film industry

  • Advice on all NFT questions
  • Technical implementation and support, especially with regard to – NFT as a fundraising tool – NFT for Unlocked Programs – NFT as a security measure against illegal platforms – NFT as a form of representation

Advice, conversion, support & Mediation of NFTs, AI & Digital art


We advise you on all matters relating to digital art, artificial intelligence and NFTs. This ranges from the free initial consultation, to concrete technical implementation options and their implementation, to the environmental compatibility of our servers, to distribution on Web3 and placement options for your art. This includes logistics as well as all questions about fundraising!


We carry out all technical processes in-house, without the involvement of third parties. We rely on renewable energies and strive to reduce CO₂. We will take care of converting your currency into crypto for you. We also set up your wallets and hand them over either as a USB stick or dongle. We will be happy to keep your access keys safe.


We support you in all matters promptly with first-hand management solutions, economical, technical, creative, marketing and sales-related (management, organization, consulting, technology, web design, distribution, payment processing). Through weekly reporting and our absolute proximity to the customer, we can guarantee you optimal implementation.


From the initial meeting to lean management, we offer environmentally friendly solutions and distribution via our Web3, Web2 and offline networks. We are committed to personal and fast management. For companies and banks, our cooperation partners provide Fintech and DeFi solutions within the framework of the legally required BaFin regulations.

Unleash your creativity with NFTs and AI digital art

At NEW ART HORIZON, AI & Digital art with the revolutionary power of NFTs to create a new era of artistic expression. NFTs and digital art are the key to authentically presenting and marketing works of art in the digital era by combining uniqueness, accessibility and limitless  creativity.

Immerse yourself in a world where technology and art form an irresistible combination and take your vision to a completely new level. We are here to accompany you on this exciting journey and redefine your artistic future.

We are your contact point when it comes to professional advice in the areas of digital art, AI and NFTs. With our expertise and dedication, we are well equipped to transform your creative ideas into tangible reality.


NFTs give your works a unique identity and direct connection to collectors worldwide. Your art is digitized and becomes more unique. You also benefit from your resales. You open your doors to collectors on a global scale.

AI- & Digital Art

With AI & Digital Art allows you to reach a new generation of art enthusiasts. You can use technology to create unique works of art that are not possible in the analog world. You open doors to innovative exhibitions and create experiences that fascinate visitors.

In 3 steps to a successful project

In 3 steps to a successful project

Step 1: We get to know each other

In the initial consultation we clarify the requirements of your project in detail. This includes your exact wishes, the time frame, the number of units required, the target group and the market segment. We discuss the budget, possible follow-up planning and the involvement of our team. This guarantees that all aspects of the project are clearly defined from the start.

Step 2: The project begins 

When all details have been agreed upon and clarified to mutual satisfaction, the magical part begins: the implementation phase. In this phase, we seamlessly combine our professional advice with the transformation of your individual works of art into marketable products.

Our implementation and support pulsates in the rhythm of agile management. With every week, with every report and every update, we feel the project taking shape, growing and developing. We are constantly on the move, always ready to adapt to new circumstances and integrate fresh, creative ideas. When it comes to lean management and environmental ecology, we consciously rely on server locations in Germany and are committed to sustainability. This includes, among other things, the use of CO₂-reducing processes and the use of Ethereum nodes that are based exclusively on renewable energies.

When it comes to distributing and communicating your artwork, we open the gates to our global Web3 distribution network, which has the pulse of the art world with its hubs in Dubai and Florida. But that is only part of what we offer. With us you will immerse yourself in a network that ranges from renowned companies and glamorous art galleries to patrons and modern Web 2 platforms. It’s a world full of possibilities and we look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Step 3: The project completion 

For us, the completion of a project is not just a formal step, but an emotional high point that reflects the result of hard work, passion and dedication. Every project we complete is a testament to our deep commitment to our customers.

When it comes time for the handover protocol, we can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. This moment not only serves as an official confirmation that all the criteria set out in the project sheet have been met, but also as a sign of our shared journey to success.

Your art. Your freedom. Our expertise.

At NEW ART HORIZON we not only offer you advice, but a comprehensive package that includes advice, technical implementation, support and mediation. Our technical implementation is at the highest level, with our own AI and the integration of algorithms into the  blockchain through our own Ethereum nodes. We value sustainability by combining classic implementations in NFTs with renewable energy and CO₂ minimization.

Your art will be presented on a global scale through our worldwide distribution network on Web3. We have no restrictive contracts or commitments – we value the freedom of our artists and partners.

For us it’s about more than just art – it’s about holistic support of your creative visions.


Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers from artists and partners.
We offer a complete range of consulting, conversion, technical implementation, support and mediation for NFTs, AI & Digital Art. We also have a global Web3 distribution network.
Digital art consulting means that we support you on all aspects of digital art. From idea generation to technical implementation and marketing.
AI & Digital art opens up limitless creative possibilities for artists and galleries and enables companies and the film industry to create innovative brand presentations and visual effects.
NFTs offer artists and galleries unique authenticity, global reach, exclusive editions and the ability to interact directly with collectors.
Definitely yes. We take care of converting your currency, be it euros, dollars or yen, into cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.
A wallet is your digital wallet for cryptocurrencies. We set it up for you and give it to you as a USB stick or dongle.
We use our own AI and implement blockchain algorithms, including our own Ethereum nodes, for the implementation of NFTs. We also pay attention to sustainability.
Our servers run on renewable energy and are designed to minimize CO₂ emissions.
A project starts with a concrete initial meeting with both managing directors. In this conversation, we clarify various project details such as your exact ideas, the time frame, the desired number of units, the target customer segment and many other aspects. After this meeting, we create a project sheet based on the specifications discussed and our interpolations.
After starting the project with a signed project sheet, we rely on agile management with weekly reports and project updates. Our goal is to react quickly to new ideas and implement them. We value fast customer connection and on-site response. We also rely on lean management and environmental ecology, with technical management being in the hands of our internal technology manager. If necessary, we will also involve one of our employees in your internal processes.
The end of the project is marked by the handover and countersigning of a submission protocol. This confirms that all criteria of the project sheet are met. After the NFTs have been created, there is an interim acceptance. The NFTs are then distributed via our Web3 distribution channel.
No, at New Art Horizon we focus on freedom and flexibility. There are no lock-in contracts or long-term commitments.
Our expertise extends from market analyzes to Web3 collaborations to specific needs analyzes for artists, companies and the film industry.
Our network ensures that your artwork is presented globally. We take advantage of Web3 technologies to maximize reach.
Yes, with us you will receive a free initial consultation to discuss your ideas and wishes together.
There is no such thing as “registering” with us. Simply contact us to discuss your creative goals. We look forward to accompanying your art journey!

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