NFT advice for companies

All-round service and individual support for digital art.

From advice, development and support to the brokerage of NFTs.

NFTs for businesses

NFTs for businesses

Use the  potential of non-fungible tokens for your company / brand

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) open up completely new opportunities for companies and brands to connect directly with customers and fans. Companies and brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike have long recognized the immense potential of NFT technology and have been taking steps towards innovative investments and digital brand experiences for years.

Digital transformation is opening up more and more virtual worlds to us and expanding our communication and consumer behavior. This opens up new horizons for brands and companies in the digital space. NFTs, equipped with verified ownership rights, revolutionize the brand experience and go beyond classic marketing channels and touch points. They also offer new sales potential in the digital world.

NFT advice for companies from A to Z and everything from a single source – NEW ART HORIZON. We’re here for you.

Does this sound familiar to you when you think about the topics of NFT and Web3 for your company/brand?


Don't understand how your company/brand can generate growth and customer loyalty with NFTs?

No time

You don't have time to take a closer look internally at NFTs, Web3, crypto, blockchain?

Too expensive

Do you understand Web3 and NFTs / Digital Art to some extent, but the implementation, mediation and distribution is too much effort for you?


Do you want to market your products internationally and globally, but don't know exactly how?


Want to learn more about the market beyond the Bitcoin bubble and the benefits of NFTs?

Need for more in-depth knowledge

Would you like to find out more about flexible NFT incentive and benefit designs?

Advice, conversion, support & Mediation of NFTs


We advise you and your company/brand on all aspects of digital art and NFTs. From the free initial consultation, through technical concepts and their implementation to sales on Web3 and global marketing. This includes logistics as well as all questions about fundraising!


We carry out all technical processes in-house, without the involvement of third parties. We will convert your currency into crypto for you. We also set up your wallets and hand them over either as a USB stick or dongle. We will be happy to keep your access keys safe.


We support you in all matters with first-hand management solutions - economic, technical, creative, marketing and sales-related. Through weekly reporting and our proximity to the customer, we guarantee you optimal implementation.


We take care of brokering your NFTs and distributing them via our Web3, Web2 and offline networks. For companies and banks, our cooperation partners provide Fintech and DeFi solutions within the framework of the legally required BaFin regulations.

More customer loyalty through NFTs

NFT consulting for companies

With the rapid pace of Web3 developments, it is crucial to not only be informed, but also to act proactively. That’s why we at NEW ART HORIZON are more than just your advisor – we are your active partner for the NFT market.

We offer tailor-made strategies for integrating and optimizing NFTs in your business model. We help you analyze the NFT market in depth, identify potential and implement innovative solutions. The spectrum ranges from advanced NFT licensing advice, technical perfection, to targeted marketing & PR campaigns, event innovations and global Web3 expansion.

We also support you in the areas of AI & Digital Art and offer advanced mediation and support in the NFT sector. With NEW ART HORIZON at your side, you are always one step ahead and optimally position your company in the NFT ecosystem.

NFT Beratung für Unternehmen

Your Team

Our team, consisting of passionate experts, contributes significantly to our success. NFT consulting for companies is our daily bread. Each of us brings our knowledge and dedication to our projects. Together we shape NEW ART HORIZON into what it is today.
Dr. Dr. Marcel Baumgärtler, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von NEW ART HORIZON

Dr. Dr. Marcel Baumgärtler

Managing Partner

> More about Marcel

Benjamin Patzelt, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von NEW ART HORIZON

Benjamin Patzelt

Managing Partner

> More about Ben

Moritz Dunkel, Head of Marketing von NEW ART HORIZON

Moritz Dunkel

Head of Marketing

> More about Moritz

Oliver Renner, Technical Lead NFT/AI von NEW ART HORIZON

Oliver Renner

Technical Lead NFT/AI

> More about Oliver

Clara Gehlen, Kuratorin & Managing Art Consultant von NEW ART HORIZON

Clara Gehlen

External curator and managing art consultant

> More about Clara

Jana Linsenboll, Sr. Account Managerin: FinTech / DeFi / e-Commerce & Localisation von NEW ART HORIZON

Jane Linsenboll

Sr. Account Manager: FinTech / DeFi / e-Commerce & Localization

> More about Jane

Bernd Lehnert

Senior Manager NFT Photography

> More about Bernd

Ferhat Dogru, International Distribution Lead von NEW ART HORIZON

Ferhat Dogru

International Distribution Lead

> More about Ferhat

Creed, Stimmungsmanager von NEW ART HORIZON, Beratung für NFT und Digital Art aus Köln


Mood manager

> More about Creed

Step 1: We get to know each other

In the initial consultation we clarify the requirements of your project in detail. This includes your exact wishes, the time frame, the number of units required, the target group and the market segment. We discuss the budget, possible follow-up planning and the involvement of our team. This guarantees that all aspects of the project are clearly defined from the start.

Step 2: The project begins 

When all details have been agreed upon and clarified to mutual satisfaction, the magical part begins: the implementation phase. In this phase, we seamlessly combine our professional advice with the transformation of your individual works of art into marketable products.

Our implementation and support pulsates in the rhythm of agile management. With every week, with every report and every update, we feel the project taking shape, growing and developing. We are constantly on the move, always ready to adapt to new circumstances and integrate fresh, creative ideas. With regard to lean management and environmental ecology, we consciously rely on server locations in Germany and are committed to sustainability. This includes, among other things, the use of CO₂-reducing processes and the use of Ethereum nodes that are based exclusively on renewable energies.

When it comes to distributing and communicating your artwork, we open the gates to our global Web3 distribution network, which has the pulse of the art world with its hubs in Dubai and Florida. But that is only part of what we offer. With us you will immerse yourself in a network that ranges from renowned companies and glamorous art galleries to patrons and modern Web 2 platforms. It’s a world full of possibilities and we look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Step 3: The project  completion

For us, the completion of a project is not just a formal step, but an emotional high point that reflects the result of hard work, passion and dedication. Every project we complete is a testament to our deep commitment to our customers.

When it comes time for the handover protocol, we can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. This moment not only serves as an official confirmation that all the criteria set out in the project sheet have been met, but also as a sign of our shared journey to success.


Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers from artists and partners.
NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token”, which means something like “non-exchangeable token”. This digital certificate is stored on a blockchain and is used to confirm the authenticity and ownership of digital goods. –> More info
NFT consulting for companies can help make it easier to enter the NFT market, make strategic decisions and optimally expand existing business models.
Our NFT consulting for companies combines knowledge of the art market, the NFT market, economic marketing strategies and technological know-how. We also offer support with positioning on Web3 and help to minimize environmental impact.
Through targeted NFT advice for businesses, you can use NFTs to create unique marketing campaigns, increase customer loyalty and offer exclusive content.
Creating NFTs can be energy intensive. We rely on renewable sources and CO2-minimizing technologies to reduce the ecological footprint.
Web3 refers to the next phase of the Internet’s development, in which decentralized applications and technologies such as blockchain play a central role. Our NFT advice for companies helps to gain a foothold in this area.
Through our NFT consulting for companies, we offer individual solutions on how you can integrate NFTs into your product offerings.
NFTs enable global access to digital products. Through our NFT consulting for companies, we show you ways in which you can present your products globally.

Yes, NFTs offer innovative ways to complement PR campaigns and reach a wider audience.

NFT marketing uses the decentralized structure of Web3, bypassing traditional middlemen and enabling direct transactions.
No, there are already existing blockchains such as Ethereum on which NFTs can be created. However, our NFT advice for companies can also help with implementing your own blockchain.
Ethereum nodes are servers that verify all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. They are essential to how NFTs work on the Ethereum platform.
Our NFT advice for companies provides you with comprehensive advice on the advantages and disadvantages of various platforms and helps you to conclude transparent and fair contracts.
The time required may vary depending on how intensively you want to enter the market. However, with our NFT advice for companies, we can speed up the process significantly.
The value of NFTs is determined by various factors, including rarity, demand, and artistic significance. Our NFT advice offers you a well-founded valuation and pricing strategy.

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