Bernd Lehnert

Senior Manager NFT Photography 

“I am a passionate photographer with an enthusiasm for technology. My path took me to the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, where I successfully completed my studies in the field of photo engineering. For me, the world of photography is not just a job, but also a calling. My cameras are loyal companions on the way to capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the world, whether from the ground or, for several years now, from the air using drones. I especially love city views in atmospheric light, like at dusk.

Due to the developments of the last few years, I see my passion for photography connected with the fascinating possibilities of NFTs. They present an exciting opportunity to present and protect works of art digitally. Every snapshot I capture has the potential to become a digital work of art, and I look forward to further cementing this connection between traditional photography and modern technology.
At NEW ART HORIZON, I strive to use my creativity and technical know-how to transform analog works of art into NFTs and thereby enrich the digital art world and create unique visual experiences.”