Benjamin Patzelt, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von NEW ART HORIZON

Benjamin Patzelt

Managing Partner 

“My enthusiasm for art and history was awakened from an early age. I was particularly fascinated by innovative approaches to art – from its representation and archiving to modern sales and production processes. This passion, combined with my academic studies in history and philosophy as well as my intensive business activity in expanding our family business, a global pioneer in medical technology, enabled me to enter as an investor in digital art forms, including fantasy games and NFT start-ups.

Volunteering has a special meaning for me. In this role, I took on responsible roles within theater companies, academies and various inclusive cultural festivals. My areas of responsibility included economic as well as spatial and digital expansion as well as the creation of inclusive framework conditions. I was also actively involved in political education, especially for refugees from regions such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. For me, actively helping to shape equal opportunities and justice is an essential pillar of our society.

During the Corona pandemic and in the wake of the predictable Bitcoin decline, Marcel and I recognized the ideal opportunity to pool our respective competencies. Our goal is to work with you to develop and implement new perspectives at the highest level.”