Our art network.

Laura Griesch 

Laura Griesch is an illustrator with a fashion background.

She draws inspiration from daily life and combines her inspiration with her passion for expressing colors and feelings through her work.

After training as a fashion designer at the Lette Association in Berlin, she worked as a fashion, color and graphic designer for Nike INC., Puma SE, Adidas Salomon AG, Buffalo Boots and as a fashion illustrator for Peclers Paris, Allegra, Young Miss and Ritzenhoff.

Olaf Unverzart 

Olaf Unverzart lives and works as a photographer and scenographer in Munich and the Upper Palatinate.

He studied photography at the HGB Leipzig and held teaching positions at the Mozarteum Salzburg, the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, and the University of Applied Sciences Munich.

His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions, including in the Fotomuseum Munich (2008), in the Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf (2017), in the Villa Massimo, Rome (2022) and most recently in the Galerie Vogdt, Munich (2023).

Stefanie Pluta 

Photographer in public spaces, for architecture, for urban phenomena.

Stefanie Pluta is a respected artist internationally recognized for her work. With solo exhibitions such as “Trümmeramt” and “Temporary Palaces” as well as participation in group exhibitions in renowned galleries and institutions, Pluta has established a notable presence in the art world.

Her achievements have been recognized through various awards and scholarships such as the Dr. Dormagen Guffanti scholarship and the 1st prize of the International Marianne Brandt Award were recognized.


Corporate Photographer & Digital/NFT artist.

Based in Cologne, Teymur works with customers from various industries around the world. Artists, actors, musicians – all these creative areas that enrich the lives of others through their works fascinate and motivate him to capture them with his camera.

Michael Schmidtmann 

Michael Schmidtmann initially studied fine art at the Offenbach Art Academy and since 2021 at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. He is an artist in the field of Modern (Pre-Post-&Neo-) Pop Art.

He showed his works in, among others, the Hafenhalle Offenbach (2019), in the Canister, Hamburg (2022), at the “Große Exhibition” in Düsseldorf (2022) and in the Hofheim City Museum (2023).

In 2021 he curated 6 exhibitions at the Bonbonniere Offenbach. In February 2024 he had his extremely successful exhibition “Who’s About to Blow Up?”